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Vapor is safer than cigarette smoke – hands down. While it’s probably healthiest not to inhale...

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Want to start your own product line of E-Liquids with CBD? Contact us to get the best and lowest...

the benefits

Vaping vs Smoking

Less Offensive Smell

You can smell them while they vape but thats it. However, if you vape heavy VG you might smell...

Helps Quit Smoking

Vapes allow you to choose nicotine or not and the level of nicotine that you have. gradually...

No Dirty Ashtrays

Remember the days of looking for any ash tray- No more.

More Cost Effective

Vaping is much cheaper than the cost of cigarettes and healthier!

A Lot of Liquid Flavors

From Fruity Pebbles,Razpberry Blue, to CBD Oil Flavors there are plenty of options.

No Cigarette Burns

On yourself or in your case vaping is just safer

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