Everything You Should Know Before You Start Vaping

Everything You Should Know Before You Start Vaping

Everything You Should Know Before You Start Vaping

Vaping School: Things You Should Know When You Are A New Vape User

Have you considered giving up smoking and making the switch to vaping? It is a decision that offers something positive.

One of the more common questions people ask when they are making the switch is how it is done. They also ask questions, such as where do you get the gear, which gear should help you choose and who is the top resource for E-Juice? Asking these questions puts you in line to learn about vaping and to discover the better options available.

When you look at the options today, you will see that there are so many more choices than there were just a few years ago. It doesn’t matter how much you have budgeted for the vape setup; there is a product that is just right for you. This article is designed to help you get beyond the first stages and learn more about vaping.

Vaping – Understanding the Sub-Ohm Tank

The standard tanks that are found in vape kits are sub-ohm tanks. They have coils and are easy to install. Typically, you can fill them with between 2-6ml of E-juice.

The name sub-ohm tanks were given to them because they include coils with resistance. When you are first starting, a starter kit is typically chosen, and you will get the tank, some coils, and mod.

There is nothing wrong with these starter kit tanks if you are looking for an easy solution. All that is needed is to insert the E-juice, make sure the coil is primes and turn on the mod. Before you know it, you’ll be vaping.

There is a downside to coils, and that is the fact that they will burn out after you use them for a while. It’s easy to tell when you need to buy more coils because the taste turns really bad.

Vaping – Understanding Box Mods

The vaping tank is powered by the box mod. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, but most of them is a box shape, which is where they get their name. Most of the modern box mods run chipsets and are regulated similarly as your smartphone. This makes them safer.

When it comes to options, there are thousands available, and it would be impossible to name them all. The different settings include vaping modes, settings for a power curve and others. Don’t get caught up in these options; there is plenty of time to learn more.

Most of the mods will have a number included in the end. It is the max power output of the mod and is either 220W or 225W in most cases. This helps to keep things simplified but know this; you will not typically go over 100W.

The mods upper limits are typically reserved for those who are experienced and want to build some crazy could. For our purposes, which fits into 9 out of 10 vapers, 120W will typically be the high end. Of course, it depends on your tank.

Vaping – Batteries

If there is one thing that is important about the batteries for the inside of the mod, it would be to buy the best quality possible. Buying cheap batteries could cause problems, and your mod might even explode.

Remember that mods come regulated so if something has gone haywire, they probably won’t fire. Mech mods, on the other hand, are not regulated, and you don’t want to mess with them yet because they could cause problems.

Even those who are using a standard mod should still put out the money for 18650 quality batteries. After all, they are safer, and since you are vaping, you are interested in safety.

Also, never, ever use a USB to charge your mod. ALways charge the batteries using a battery charger. The one that is listed above is my preference, and it has never failed me.

Vaping – Looking at Tanks (RDAs, RDTAs, and RTAs)

When you have a desire to build some custom coils, other tanks will be needed, including RDTA, RDA, and RTA tanks. They come with tools, wire, and cotton that makes it possible to make coils rather than shelling out $15 every time you want one.

You will save money when you make your coils and enjoy it much more. When someone is serious about vaping, the build their coils. In most cases, they will use RDA tanks because they are easy to understand, simple in design and offer great flavor.

You will find RDA tanks easy to work with and they have more capacity for juice. It makes them a better choice than a sub-ohm tank. They have great flavor and power.

Additional Information on My RDTA 2017 Tank Choices

RTA tanks are a horrible choice in my opinion. They may sound nice when you just look at them, but when you put them to use, they are difficult, if not impossible to set up.

Vaping – E-Juice

E-Juice is similar to batteries in that you need a quality choice. Don’t do any bargain shopping online and buy some cheap E-juice from some unknown website. If you do so, trouble won’t be very far behind. Use an established and trusted vendor and brand so you can guarantee you have something of high quality.

If you are looking for the healthiest choice, the CBD Vape-Oil is the way to go. It offers the benefits of CBD and the convenience of vaping.